Services - Prefab Chimneys

Prefabricated Lightweight Chimneys

Our lightweight durable chimneys provide an ideal solution to achieving an ‘easy fit’, maintenance free chimney.

This quality product can be made to your own specification or designed by Brick Products to meet your specific design requirements and planning needs. Manufactured on a robust timber frame with GRP matrix lining to the sub frame, our chimneys are faced in your chosen brick and precast into a GRP lining.

Completed with a GRP cap and pot and fitted with a lifting assembly, our chimneys are delivered to site, complete with handling and installation instructions.

Once lifted into place, our chimneys can be fitted in a matter of minutes ready for lead flashing and mortar (or if you prefer, you can mortar prior to lifting into position).

Brick Products ‘easy fit’ Chimneys Include:

  • Design and planning service
  • Collection of facings from site
  • Cutting and bonding of bricks
  • Robust timber frame
  • GRP matrix lining to timber sub frame
  • Bricks precast into GRP lining
  • Lifting assembly
  • Handling & installation instructions
  • Delivered to site